Sutro Tower at night (by djs94124)

Lovely and Weird.

Last night of City Life… It’s a pretty good one.

1 of the many, many, many, many, many, many things I am obsessed with…

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Academy of Sciences. San Francisco CA

This is Claude the albino alligator. They remolded the entire museum a few years back but this place used to be one of my favorite spots when i was growing up. The railing around the alligator is the same railing they had in the old museum. I felt like a kid again.

I still can’t look at Claude without wondering what it would be like to fall in.  As a kid I sorta wanted to live in there with him…  

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I'm in Love

Gotye dominates

Um, yeah… Could he be any better?  Following a unusually stellar SNL performance (because really, what musician ever sounds good on SNL) and adorable Digital Short he manages to actually be the nice, smart, fun, cool guy to show up and dominate at a regular ol’ pub trivia with regular ol’ folks.  LOVE.  IT.

Article by Ian. S Port and I don’t own the photo but it’s awesome.


Lightening strikes the Golden Gate Bridge.

Photo: Phil McGrew

Last night was the craziest storm I’ve seen since Rothbury ‘08.

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Most beautiful day ever! #goldengate #sf (Taken with instagram)


Art & Soul of America, Vintage Travel Posters of US Cities

My favorite!  I am in love with the Golden Gate Bridge.  I have a postcard collection book of SF, the bridge and other Bay Area vintage prints that I hope to one day frame and display.  Until I am no longer homeless they will continue to reside in my art box in my car. 


I get all warm and fuzzy crossing the Golden Gate Bridge (or going under it).  It is such an awesome structure/sculpture/form.

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