Gif Love: An Obama/VH1 Tumblr Story

  • Obama Tumblr: Are you seriously challenging me to a gif war?
  • VH1 Tumblr: Nope. Just offering my superior gif creation services.
  • Obama Tumblr: I just did a spit take with my coffee.
  • VH1 Tumblr: So... They think we're interns. ;)
  • Obama Tumblr: What? I could totally be an intern.
  • VH1 Tumblr: Yeah, if this was the Kerry/Edwards ticket.
  • Obama Tumblr: We don't speak of that around here. Besides, I was in Junior High for that election.
  • VH1 Tumblr: Did you do the whole mock election thing?
  • Obama Tumblr: No.
  • Obama Tumblr: Maybe.
  • Obama Tumblr: Yes.
  • VH1 Tumblr: So...
  • Obama Tumblr: So...
  • VH1 Tumblr: So Darren Criss, huh?
  • Obama Tumblr: What of it? You do know there are about 17 million new young voters since the last election, right?
  • VH1 Tumblr: I did not know that, no. I like you. You're smart.
  • Obama Tumblr: Uh... thanks? Anyway...
  • VH1 Tumblr: Yes, please do go on.
  • Obama Tumblr: Well you do realize most of these 17 million new young voters watch "Glee," right?
  • VH1 Tumblr: Wow. Okay. I did not expect that.
  • Obama Tumblr: What? Expect what?
  • VH1 Tumblr: You're totally pandering.
  • Obama Tumblr: Am not.
  • VH1 Tumblr: You so are.
  • Obama Tumblr: Am. Not.
  • VH1 Tumblr: Real mature. And here I thought you were into Darren.
  • Obama Tumblr: I AM INTO DARREN.
  • VH1 Tumblr: Prove it.
  • Obama Tumblr: Check your ASK.
  • VH1 Tumblr:
  • VH1 Tumblr: That's... um... seriously?
  • Obama Tumblr: Stunning, right? Like, you can't take your eyes off of it.
  • VH1 Tumblr: Yes. I admit. Darren's butt is awesome.
  • Obama Tumblr: Agreed.
  • VH1 Tumblr:
  • VH1 Tumblr:
  • VH1 Tumblr: So... Are you, like, totally booked until November 7th, or what?
  • Obama Tumblr: You're asking me out?
  • VH1 Tumblr: I am.
  • Obama Tumblr: Send me your best Darren gifs and I'll consider it.
  • Aug 25
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